Meeting Dates and Minutes

Based on our 2017 end of the year survey results, this school year we are rotating Tuesdays &  Thursdays each month for meetings and trying a later start time of 7pm. Our Fox Meadow PTO Board is committed to keeping our monthly meetings to under 1 hour in length of time.

Tuesday, September 12th  Fox Meadow PTO- September 2017 minutes
Thursday, October 12th Fox Meadow PTO- October 2017 minutes
Tuesday, November 14th Fox Meadow PTO- November 2017 Minutes
Tuesday, December 5th Fox Meadow PTO December 2017
Thursday, January 18th Fox Meadow PTO January 2018
Tuesday, February 13th Fox Meadow PTO February 2018
Thursday, March 15th Fox Meadow PTO March 2018
Tuesday, April 10th (Nominations)
Thursday, May 10th  (Elections)


All meeting are at 7:00pm in the Fox Den