First PTO Meeting of the year! September 12th at 7pm

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Due to end of the year survey results, we are trying a later start time then last year and rotating Tuesday/Thursday each month. Additionally, we are committed to keeping our meetings under 1 hour in length.

This meetings agenda is as followed:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes
  3. Principal’s Report
  4. President’s Report
  • No cook Night (Dairy Queen made $200- Pot Belly’s- not available yet)
  • McTeacher Night 9/28/17.
  • Looking for committee members for Project Playground Committee.
  • Open Committee Chair positions- volunteer opportunities will be communicated about a  month before each event.
  • Using a new email server, Mail Chimp
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Taxes were not done for in 2014 & 2015, they were filed late with potential fees & penalties. We hired a lawyer for $350 to help and the IRS forgave the taxes and fees.
  • 2016-2017 tax information has been submitted to accountant for filing and review.
  1. Committee Reports
  • Spirit Wear (estimate of items ordered, order placed, projected delivery)
  • Box Tops (first collection date is 8/18/17)
  • Walk to School Day (10/4/17)
  • Yearbook (Order online by 9/30 for a discount)
  • Fall Fundraiser- Dessert Days (Selling 10/2-10/16- Delivery 11/8)
  1. Old Business
  • Board has prepared a Draft Copy of revised Fox Meadow PTO Bylaws
    • Formatted using our insurance companies template (same information but in a different order)
    • Clarification of dates of service for board members
    • Change of general meeting dates & times
    • Change from audit committee to an accountant reviewing our books
    • Addition of NSF checks fee
  1. New Business
  • Acceptance of 2017/2018 Budget
  • Requests for purchase
    • Mr. Pena is asking for a Pallet Jack $259.99 from Harbor Freight
    • Mrs. Williamson is asking for $30 for Eclipse Glasses
    • Mrs. Williamson is asking for $250 for “Too Good for Drugs” program curriculum
  • PTO would like to offer online bill pay using Square
    • Hoping to avoid bad checks, keeping up with technology.
    • Illinois allows us to charge a convenience fee, we propose a flat amount $2
  • PTO would like to buy a Nachos Cheese Machine
  1. Adjournment

Recommended Timekeeping

Call to Order 7:00pm
Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes 7:00-7:02pm
Principal’s Report 7:02-7:15pm
President’s Report 7:15-7:20pm
Treasurer’s Report 7:20-7:25pm
Committee Reports 7:25-7:35pm (2 minutes each)
Old Business 7:35- 7:45pm
New Business 7:45-7:55pm
Adjournment 8:00pm

Please review the below documents before the meeting.

PTO Bylaws revised Sept 2017

PTO Bylaws- 2012